5 Important Reasons why you should use Python

Python is nowadays the most demanding language. Most of you would be thinking that it’s a new language but it’s nothing like so. The sudden upliftment of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence has given rise to this. If you wanna be a full-stack programmer or data scientist then you are at the perfect place or simply you have taken a good decision for reading this article. You will come to know about 5 important reasons for using Python in the modern arena.

  1. It’s Trending:- It was not much earlier when it was only used for conventional development like a game, website or any desktop application development but now it has come so far that it can be used nearly for every hot technology out there in the market like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, Cryptocurrency and Cloud Computing.
  2. It’s Easy:- Coding in Python is very easy, which makes it easy to learn and use, Python simplified the concept of writing source code. It simply reduces the number of lines in which a code is written & provides ease to custom software development.
  3. It’s Cross-Platform:- Python is a very interesting programming language, like Java, it is platform-independent & can run on multiple platforms and systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh, etc. This functionality makes python one of the most demanding language. The compilation and executing becomes quite easy which makes it a portable language too.
  4. It has a robust and vast library:- The standard library used in Python is more developed than other programming languages. A lot of packages and commands can easily be got from these libraries. It helps in the rapid development process and reduces the lines of code as well. It is the core reason behind the fact that it can be used in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Cloud, Websites, etc.
  5. Finally, It’s Open Source:- Due to this, there is a vast developer community working relentlessly to make it better, with every passing time. It makes it more reliable and secure too as larger community keep working over it, and hence more thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the community.

These important specifications make this language stand at the top. Programmers & Users almost get all the requirements fulfilled through it.

If you still need some more points to get you convinced here is a bonus for you. Following are some more quick points which will make sure, you should start using python asap:-

  • It’s Expressive:- It makes its code easy to understand and readable and hence user-friendly.
  • Dynamically typed:- There are no data types being used, just create a variable and assign any type of value, python is so smart to understand the type of variable, So you need not worry about data types, just write the code and enjoy.
  • It follows all the famous programming paradigm:- Python can be used to do programming in multiple ways like procedural, OOPs and functional programming.
  • It’s Integrable:- Its code can be integrated with the languages likes C, Java, Javascript easily.

We will talk about Python in our next article. If you want to learn Python, you can visit Smartech Education, Saket, New Delhi.

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