Debate Topics

Controversial Debate Topics
  1. Animal testing should be banned.
  2. Mobile Phone should not be given to children.
  3. Mobile Phone should be banned in Schools.
  4. There should be no Advertisement on Kids Channel.
  5. Police should be allowed to use lethal force.
  6. Are men stronger than women?
Political Debate Topics
  1. Everyone should be allowed to keep weapons.
  2. Is freedom of speech necessary for a nation to grow?
  3. Refugees should not be allowed to acquire any sort of nationality.
  4. Is patriotism a good or a bad thing?
  5. Is the US Constitution a living document?
Interesting Debate Topics
  1. Nuclear powers are the major cause of wars.
  2. Same-sex marriage should not be allowed.
  3. Students are becoming way too dependent on technology.
  4. Censorship should be made less lenient for educational documentaries.
  5. The sale of fur must be banned.

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