Para Jumbles

In para jumbles, the sequence of a meaningful paragraph is changed. A student has to correct the sequence and make the paragraph coherent. Some students think that para jumbles are difficult to solve and thus they should be skipped. But this is a myth. Para jumbles are most easy to solve and you can score good marks in them. There are some ways  by which you can solve para jumbles more easily-

  1. Before solving any para jumble, read out all the lines given and try to get the central idea of the paragraph. This will help you to solve the paragraph in a better way.
  2. First figure out the opening and closing line. Then identify the mandatory pairs. Once you have identified you can co-relate them according to the options given.
  3. You can also take the help of transition words which function as connectors. Transition words help to identify the change in the idea. Example of transition words are Again, Similarly, hence, generally etc.
  4. Try to identify the chronology. Examples will follow the main idea. So, their sequence will be after the main statement.
  5. The key to solve para jumbles lies in your comprehension ability. For improving this ability, you should read more and more.
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