Phrasal Verbs

Abide by-  follow a rule

Aim at- intend to achieve

Add on- include in a calculation

Ask for- enquire about someone’s health

Back off- retreat

Back out – Fail to keep an arrangement or promise

Back up- support

Bank on- Rely on

Be taken aback- be surprised or shocked

Beef up- make something stronger or more solid

Black out- fall unconscious

Blow out- defeat decisively

Bounce back- recover

Break down- start crying

Break up- finish a relationship

Bump into – meet by chance

Call for- demand

Catch out- trick

Cave in- collapse

Chill-out- relax

Cling on- hold tight

Come across- find by accident

Come around- recover consciousness

Cool down- become calm

Crash out- fall asleep

Cut down in- reduce

Cut off- isolate

Do in- kill

Fall far- be attracted to somebody or fall in love

Fit in- get into a group of people

Freak out- become very disturbed or angry

Gear up- get ready for a busy period

Give up- stop doing something that has been a habit

Hand over- give

Jump in- enter a conversation

Make away with- steal

Nail down- achieve something

Owe to- be the reason of something

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