Qualities a teacher must have

Qualities a teacher must have

A teacher is one of the most respected figures in a person’s life. After our mother and father if we look up to someone, then he or she is the teacher. We revere our teachers because they play a vital role in shaping up our life.

It is said that among all the tough jobs in this world, one is teaching. This is because the responsibility involved in teaching job is of a higher degree. Whatever you teach to your student it remains with him throughout his life. A teacher cannot afford to teach wrong or incomplete thing to his student. No wonder it is a very noble profession.

There are certain qualities which a teacher must have –


Knowledge– A teacher should have a very strong knowledge base. Without complete knowledge of the subject concerned a teacher cannot teach efficiently. A teacher should have his concepts cleared and have the clarity in understanding of his subject.

Patience– Patience is the greatest virtue which is required in a teacher. Dealing with different kinds of children and meeting their expectations is not an easy task. If a person is short-tempered and lacks patience then it becomes very difficult for him to continue teaching.

Confidence- A teacher must be confident. No matter however knowledgeable a person is if he lacks confidence, he can’t become a good teacher. Unless a teacher is confident he cannot instill the same in his students. The confident personality of a teacher inspires a student.

Passion– If someone wants to choose teaching as a profession, then he needs to be passionate about teaching. If you choose teaching career merely to earn a livelihood, then you can never be a good teacher in your life.

Empathy– Being empathetic makes you a better teacher. Teaching although is a profession but there is an emotional connection between the teacher and his students. If a teacher is compassionate and better understands his students then he creates an ever-lasting impression in the minds of his students.

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