1 What is Software Testing? 31 Test Case Writing and Execution 61 Quality Assurance and Quality Control
2 Importance of Software Testing and Why Software Testing is so important 32 Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis 62 Quality Management Software (QMS)
3 Career and Future in Software Testing 33 Test Scenario Design 63 Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
4 Types of Organizations and Team Structure 34 Test Coverage and Analysis 64 Demonstration of Automation Testing
5 Project Bidding and Initiation 35 Negative testing and Exhaustive Testing 65 SQL and Database Testing
6 Kick of Meetings 36 Ad Hoc Testing 66 Mainframe Testing Overview
7 What is Requirement Document( SRS/Approved SRS) 37 Live Project 2 Discussion 67 Mobile Testing
8 Requirement Gathering and Query log 38 Regression Testing 68 Monolithic and Micro services
9 Defects/Bug and Error 39 User Acceptance Testing (UAT) 69 How start Automation Testing and Pre- Requisite
10 Why Software have Bugs 40 Root Cause Analysis 70 UFT and Selenium Overview
11 Types of Software Testing 41 Alpha Testing 71 Future of Selenium, Appium and Cucumber
12 Black Box Testing 42 Beta Testing 72 Build Management Tools(GIT and SVN)
13 White Box Testing 43 Load Testing, Volume Testing and Stress Testing 73 Installation of Eclipse and Maven SetUp
14 Grey Box Testing 44 Guest Lecture ( Case Study of their project) 74 Live Project Assignments to Students
15 Functional Testing 45 Review ( Peer Review/ Walkthrough/ inspection) 75 ISTQB Certification, Pattern and Question Papers
16 Unit Testing 46 Review ( Peer Review/ Walkthrough/ inspection) 76 Resume Writing and Interview Questions
17 Build Verification Testing(BVT) 47 Defect Tracking Tools (Bugzila, Jira and HPQC) 77 Job Recommendation Interviews and Feedback
18 Tracker Tools (Task Tracking Tools) 48 Jira task Creation, Bug creation and Report Generation 78 Project on Banking Domain
19 Environments (Dev, QA, Staging, Prod and Mirror Prod) 49 Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) 79 Project on Health and Insurance Domain
20 Unit Testing and Smoke Testing 50 Software Test Life Cycle(STLC) 80 Project on Telecom Domain
21 Priority and Severity 51 Verification and Validation 81 Project on Embedded Systems
22 Integration Testing 52 Introduction of Agile Methodology 82 Profession Resume Preparation
23 Live project 1 Discussion 53 Agile Terminology and workflow 83 Written Test Preparations
24 Compatibility Testing and Browser Testing 54 Test Plan and Test Management 84 Interview Questions
25 System Testing 55 Test Closure Activity 85 Virtual Interview Sessions
26 System Integration Testing 56 Project Risk and Mitigation 86 Profile Creation on Job Portal
27 Retesting 57 Client Sign off Documents 87 Interview Schedule and Recommendations
28 Difference between Sanity and Smoke Testing 58 Do’s and Don’t in Software Testing 88 Feedback Collection
29 Difference between Sanity and Smoke Testing 59 What is Quality and Attributes of Quality
30 Test Case Writing and Execution 60 Introduction on API Testing