The art of getting what you want (How to use confidence and technique to get what you want from life, your relationships and your career)

We all dream. We all have certain expectations from life and we strive to get the life we have imagined for ourselves. We want a great career where both work satisfaction and great remuneration are there. We seek a perfect relationship where there is peace and love. 

But do we actually make our dreams true? Are we able to do all that which can fulfill our expectations? Are we satisfied with our career or are we in a perfect relationship? For some fortunate people, the answer is ‘yes’, but for some it is ‘no’. The fact is destiny cannot be blamed all the time, we have to make efforts to change our lives.

With confidence and by applying some techniques we can get what we want from life, relationship and career. Confidence is the most important trait which you need in yourself, if you want a better life. If you lack confidence you may lose some great opportunities in life. For example, if you want to be an entrepreneur and you have a brilliant plan but you don’t have the confidence to execute the plan or you are afraid of the risks involved in a business then you can never start your venture. In such a situation you will have to satisfy yourself with a 9 to 5 job and you will regret for that throughout your life. 

As far as techniques are concerned, these are basically rules which are to be adhered. For a successful relationship there are some techniques. Like, never have expectations in a relationship. You just need to do your part and not worry about the rest. If you are in a true relationship, you will get the love and care in return. But when you start having expectations and if they are not met , you get hurt. Never break the trust in any relationship.

Our lives are totally in our hands. We should try to do as much as we can to improve it. We should always be passionate about what we do. We should try to boost our confidence every day and think of new ideas and techniques which can help us.

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