The best ways to meditate your body

Meditation is the best healing technique for mind. It leads the mind to dive into solo world where it feels it’s actual worth. Although there are several ways to relax but here are few ways to meditate your body:

  1. Understand the reason why you’re meditating. During meditation concentrate on a particular point. Focus on your breathing technique. It gives you the peace of mind and encourages yourself internally and externally.
  2. Take a few deep breath. A deep breath is the best way to do meditation. 
  3. Sit in comfortable posture and choose a quiet place where you’re not getting disturbed.
  4. Concentrate on your breathing. It helps you remain in the present moment and avoids distraction.
  5. Keep a relatively empty stomach before meditating. Just get a simple and light meal if necessary.
  6. Keep a gentle smile on your face. It keeps you relaxed, peaceful and enhances the meditation experience.
  7. Open your eyes slowly, don’t be hurry to open your eyes or move the body immediately.

“Yoga should be practiced daily

To maintain a discipline

To find your inner place to meet soul

To better develop a balance on your five

Senses, realizes your real freedom”.

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