Tips for Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is an important section in all the major competitive exams. It’s all about your comprehending or understanding ability.  It is the most scoring section because you don’t have to learn the answers; your answers are in the passage itself. Important thing is how you quickly you read it, comprehend it and find the answers. The more reading habit you have, the more it will be easier for you to solve passages.  There are some ways which if you follow can help you in solving questions of reading comprehension-

*Before solving any passage, read out the questions and the given options. This will help you to remember the key words of questions. While reading the passage you can relate to these words.

*Always use a pencil to mark the key words of questions because you can find the answers near the key words, if it is an offline paper.

* Try to read the passage twice if it is not simple. Because sometimes it is not possible to understand the passage in one go. By reading second time you can understand the passage more clearly.

*If the number of passages are more in any exam, you should not try to solve all the passages together. Rather, you should solve one then switch to another. In this way, you will be not get bored or tired because sometimes the passages are tedious to read.

*Practise as much as you can because through practice only you can get more accurate in solving passages.

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