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Web Designing Course and Web Development Course is very  important in this so called Digital World. Almost all the businesses need website in the present time. In this digital era it is the most convenient means to establish link with your prospective clients. For the modern digital marketing concept, which is the future of business development, website is mandatory. Web Designing Course from a reputed institute can make you  a good website designer. Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, PHP, MySQL, WordPress can make you a web designer and developer.

With the high demand of technology for digital growth, web designers and developers are in high demand not only in India but across the globe. They are highly paid, based on their designing capabilities as well as on their logical skills. The power to convert ideas into the form of website includes a lot of effort. If you are ready for such efforts then certainly website designing is the best career option for you. If you are naive in this field then start learning HTML first. HTML 5 training can be best for you in the present day world. Then mix CSS with HTML to give better look and design to your website. JavaScript training can let you put validation into the website and you can restrict the customers by putting lot of checkpoints. Further knowledge of JQuery, PHP, MySQL can make you an excellent web developer.

 Smartech Education provides the best web designing course in New Delhi. We are located in the Saket area of South Delhi. Just think to become a web developer, Smartech will convert it into reality. We make you expert in website designing with our comprehensive web designing course at a very reasonable fees. Stay focused and we will provide you jobs in the website designing sector.

Web Designing

  • Introduction
  • Basic HTML Structure
  • Basic Tags
  • Text Formatting
  • Links
  • Images
  • Linking Tags
  • List, Table & Forms
  • iFrame, Video, & Audio
  • Introduction
  • Types of CSS
  • Background, Color, & Borders
  • Text Style
  • Size, & Layout
  • CSS Lists
  • CSS Icons & fonts
  • CSS Display & Position
  • Pseudo Class & Elements
  • CSS Website Layout
  • Introduction
  • Setting Up
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • DOM & BOM Scripting
  • Getting Started
  • JavaScript Primer
  • The jQuery Core
  • DOM Element Selection and Manipulation
  • Event Handling
  • HTML Forms & Data
  • Animations and Effects
  • Introduction
  • Need of Bootstrap
  • Architecture of Responsive Web Design
  • Advantages of Bootstrap
  • Heading Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • URL Optimization

Career Opportunies

  • Web Designer
  • Design & Layout Analyst
  • Web Marketing Analyst
  • Corporate Trainer

Web Development

  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Syntax Overview
  • Variable Types
  • Operator Types
  • Decision Making
  • Loop Types
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Web Concepts
  • GET and POST Methods
  • File Inclusion
  • Files & I/O
  • Functions
  • Cookies & Session
  • Sending Emails
  • File Uploading
  • Coding Standard
  • Designing Your Web Database.
  • Creating Your Web Database.
  • Working with Your MySQL Database.
  • Accessing Your MySQL Database from the Web with PHP.
  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Dashboard
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Posts & Pages
  • Media
  • User Management
  • Optimization

Career Opportunies

  • Web Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Senior Web Analyst
  • UI/UX Developer

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Santosh Pandey
Santosh Pandey

Smartech World is doing an excellent job. I believe that Smartech can act as a catalyst in nurturing budding minds and play an incredible role in making India Skilled and Digital by empowering self-reliance and cognizance among the youth. All the very best Smartech. No one can ever stop Go-Getters !!!

Sunny Kumar
Sunny Kumar

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. Smartech is providing that tool to the young generation. Keep going..!!!

Prof. S. C. Mishra
Prof. S. C. Mishra

Very nice experience in Smartech education.Guidance given by the trainers regarding the courses is excellent.Trainers are very qualified and have a motive which fulfills ur requirement.Best academic-knowledge I experience in Smartech.Smartech makes us really a Smart by enhancing our knowledge.

Geetanjali Saggar

Today so many students are curious to know about the technologies… And SMARTECH provides a better platform to all the students who want to learn different technologies. Congrats to smartech for there great work… keep going

Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh

This company provides very good platform for students to cope up with the new and updated technologies. Students from various fields get benefited. Thumbs up for the entire team of smartech world.

Shivam Chandra
Shivam Chandra

Introduction of scientific researches, ideas and techniques to the field of education by Smartech has brought a huge level of positive change in the new generation and provided them variety of new and innovative opportunities to work in the field of their own interest.

Navneet Dhar
Navneet Dhar

Smartech World is an ecosystem of innovations driven by passionate individuals. The urge to deliver and be the best will take team Smartech to newer heights. All the best and keep serving the youth capital of the country.

Gaurav Srivastava
Gaurav Srivastava

SMARTECH is the best platform for the new generation kids as from their childhood they are surrounded by mobile phone & Computers. SM@TECH deals most probably with their needs, and also try to fulfill their requirements. According to me it is the best. Continue on this path.

Adarsh Pandey
Adarsh Pandey

I think in today’s competitive world smartech gives you a platform to learn the basics of technology and enrich yourself with the knowledge and a clear concept of technical world. I had a very good experience after attending the workshop.

Swati Priya
Swati Priya

Smartech avails you the platform, where you can empower yourself with all the weapons to break the shackles of unemployment and lead a prosperous life. “Come to learn and go to earn

Anuj Singh
Anuj Singh

When your values are clear to you, making decisions become easier. I believe, SMARTECH has courage to make tough decision and compassion to listen heart. Keep raising your level and always compete with yourself. बस हारना नहीं। All the best SMARTECH.

Anil Kumar Mishra
A. K Mishra