8 Activities to improve your English…

Want to know about 8 activities to improve your English!! Proficiency in the English language is very important today. First of all, here 8 activities are discussed which you should do every day to improve your English. So if you want to become a fluent English speaker, then these activities can help you out. Above all English is the heart of any corporate sector so a good grasp over English can help you out in the long run.

Daily Conversation in English

For making your English speaking skills better, the most effective step is to do as much conversation as possible in English. If you are a student then you can talk with your friends, classmates and teachers only in English. If you are a working professional you can speak in English with your colleagues. Conversation helps in removing hesitation and thus makes you more confident.

Reading English newspaper

Reading newspaper not only broadens your knowledge base but it also helps in improving your language. You can begin by choosing any standard English newspaper. Initially you can read the news reports which you find interesting. Then you can start reading editorials which are very good for language improvement.

Learning at least 5 new words daily

If your vocabulary is rich, your language will automatically enhance. Learning a minimum of 5 new words daily is important. You can learn these words from any source like newspaper, book, dictionary etc. But, Learning alone is not sufficient. You should try to use the words you have learnt. This helps in remembering the words and their meanings. Similarly, you can try to get a few words from watching some videos or English movies.

Listening  English

Listening is as important as reading. It basically is attentive hearing. For improving the English language you can listen to English news, English songs, English commentary and also interviews of renowned personalities in English. You can also listen to people who are doing a conversation in English. Listening improves your pronunciation and also makes you more fluent.

Reading Books

Develop the habit of reading books. You can choose English novels, autobiographies or even books having a collection of short stories. The more you read, the more you get used to the English language. Your understanding of this language gets better when you are in the habit of reading. Reading blogs, articles etc can be even more helpful.


For improving English, writing is one activity which helps a lot. Writing does not mean that you have to write a lot every day. That can be tedious especially if you are still trying to improve your English. Writing one page or two or even a paragraph initially on any topic can be useful. The topic can be anything like what you did the whole day or any social topic. Writing everyday is most noteworthy for improving English. As you write more and more your mind gets a lot of ideas which can be quite helpful in speaking or understanding English.

Practice in front of the mirror

It may sound little childlike, but it is the fact that practicing in front of the mirror boosts up your confidence. You can speak in English with yourself before a mirror. You can speak on any topic or can recite an English poem or tell a story. When you are speaking in front of the mirror, there is no one to judge you. Hence, You are better able to analyze your weak areas while speaking and thus you can improve them easily.

Watch English movies or TV shows

It wouldn’t be amazing if you can learn while getting entertained! Furthermore, Watching English movies and Television shows can be such an activity. If you watch them, you will not only get entertained but you will get more familiar with the English language. This will help you to improve your English.

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