Active to Passive Voice

Convert the following sentences from Active to Passive Voice:

1. Why did you tell my mother?

2. H e wrote a fine story of 300 words.

3. My parents often scold me.

4. You planned to throw a party.

5. My grandmother will give me a watch.

6. You will never mind it.

7. Come to my house, we shall enjoy the party.

8. He has been singing a beautiful song on stage.

9. Donald Trump has changed many rules in US.

10. Akshay Kumar interviewed PM Narendra Modi.

11. Salman Khan signed a contract in Mumbai.

12. She had won the heart of many Indians by her art.

13. My family will have been allowing me.

14. Is he playing cricket?

15. You did not afford Mercedes.

16. He will have waited for me.

17. Rakesh was wearing very nice dress.

18. Were they really enjoying the party?

19. How had they anticipated me?

20. You had been waiting for movie to launch.

21. We enjoyed lunch together in IPL session.

22. My friend won a car in the lottery.

23. Life gives many opportunities. Pick one and go ahead.

24. He allowed me to go inside the cabin.

25. My boss treated me like his servant.

26. Do I clean your car?

27. You have tortured me a lot.

28. He has made good grasp in English.

29. She planned to go Manali this year.

30. I had visited your home.

31. Why are we committing mistakes?

32. You are doing something wrong.

33. Are we going to Varanasi?

34. I have beaten my younger brother for his mistake.

35. You have helped me a lot.

36. Politics has influenced many people of India.

37. Why do I admire you?

38. Did she enjoy the Diwali vacations?

39. The farmers of India are committing suicide.

40. I am coming to your office.

41. I can’t afford your expenses.

42. Teachers have ignored my mistakes.

43. You will begin this route.

44. We should study Reasoning.

45. Exams are approaching, You should give motivational lectures.

46. You are coming to Delhi.

47. He is framing the law.

48. We are not going to movie.

49. She has been enjoying the rain.

50. We should obey the parents.

51. Try to convert these sentences from Active to Passive Voice. It will make your English strong.

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