Best ways to improve your communication…!

COMMUNICATION, when do you listen this word then what do you think or image about it in your mind. Actually communication is the process when we reciprocity of the ideas, view, thoughts etc.The best ways to be a successful, that communicating clearly is one of the effective skill. At the time when you speak and listen, you focus on the content of the conversation. You need to practice of your patience, keep an open mind when you are speaking and listening, like you can get all thing by spoken. You need to give respect your opponents.

Maintain your nonverbal communication: We have to communicate with everybody in clarity with confident, should be proper posture, avoid folding arms, maintain eye contact and move around your space (If appropriate). Because your body language play a big role on the people around you or listening you. You should make a positive physical presence, it should also be in your mind that do not over communicate maintain your positive attitude.

Listening skills: It is not important that only one can be able to speak effectively but also one must listen to other person and can be made engage in communication on what other people is speaking about.

Using words & pronouncing correctly: Who are listening you, at that time they judge you through your body language, your vocabulary and pronunciation, in this situation if you have no idea, which word you can say then, do not use that words and speak clearly don’t mumble.

Speak slowly & animate your voice: If you are saying nonstop without take a time to start a new sentences then, your listeners realize that you as a nervous and unsure to yourself. Create animate in your voice, avoid a monotone and use dynamic voice, use that volume is appropriate for the listeners. Speak more softly when you are alone and speak more loudlywhen you are speaking to large or across large space.

Don’t try to send a mixed messages: When you speak, that time your words gesture, facial expression, tone and your voice match, it should be no different. By this you can easily communication with one other.

Confidence and practice: You should have confident in this case that you can make a worthwhile contribution. To communicate it is important that you should practice begin with simple interaction to get professional.

Practice your interrogatives conversation: We must keep in mind the fact that, it can interrogate with listeners and introspect with yourself. So give yourself time to think.

You should focus on earning respect instead of laughs: We know that without smiling it cannot to be interesting but use that word or that relates a meaningful and sensible sentence. But remember that the successful communicators are those, who earned respect, rather than laugh.

Now we can talk about emotional communication. It helps you to reach that point or think that moves in your listeners mind. All people have a reasonable inner intelligence they have a prefrontal brain, which is capable of making calm and unemotional choices. There are different emotional communication.

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