Conversation between two people in any public place regarding…

Mr. X and Mr. Y are two friends. They have met after their 12th board exams in a park and they are discussing about their career choices-

Mr. X  : Hello, Y . How are you? How were your exams?

Mr. Y: Hi! I am fine . My exams were good.  How are you doing?

Mr. X : I am also fine. Which career option are you choosing after class 12th.

Mr. Y:  I want to go in the field of Engineering. I want to become a computer engineer.

Mr. X: Why do you want to choose this career option. Have you thought of any other alternative?

Mr. Y: I want to work in the field of technology. Computer Engineers have great career prospects. The chances of getting jobs in multinational companies are also higher here.

Mr. X: Well, I want to go for National Defense Academy. I would love to join the Indian army and serve our nation.

Mr. Y : The training at NDA is tough. Don’t you know that?

Mr. X: I know,  but the life of an officer is very respectable. There is a great sense of pride in serving the people of the country.

Mr. Y : Your thoughts are great and inspiring. I wish you all the best.

Mr. X:  Best of luck to you also. 

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