Do's and Dont's of Group Discussion

Group Discussion is one of the important stages for selection to any job. It is usually followed by a written test and preceded by an interview. Group Discussion is conducted to test many qualities of a candidate. These includes the following-

  • Leadership
  • Team Spirit
  • Speaking ability
  • Listening ability
  • Coordination

For performing well in a group discussion, there are some do’s and don’ts  which you should follow-


  • Take some time to analyze the topic of GD.Think properly and jot down the points in your mind.
  • Ensure your participation. Put your ideas and views forward.
  • Try to initiate the group discussion.
  • Give relevant data and examples
  •  Give others chance to speak and also listen to them attentively.


  • Don’t shout . Maintain a humble tone. Even when you disagree, don’t raise your voice.
  • Don’t dominate. A group discussion is also the test of your team spirit. So never try to dominate other candidates. Try to coordinate with all.
  • Don’t intervene in between while someone else is speaking. You only start when the other person has finished speaking.
  •  Don’t give wrong examples or data.
  • Don’t look at the moderator of GD rather try to build eye contact with the group members.

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