Language is the basis of communication. It is the language only which differentials us from animals and makes us human. English is a widely spoken language. It is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by around 400 million people across the globe. Today, English is the language of internet, business, entertainment, tourism and many other sectors. As far as jobs are concerned, English is a prerequisite.

English is one of those ‘must-have’ skills essential for success in many white collar professions now-a-days. If you don’t know English, you set your limitations to a narrow range of opportunities and market, when the English speaking world has so much to offer. For surviving in international job market, English is mandatory. Multinational Companies offer high paid jobs. But to get into the MNC’s and excel there, you need to have a strong command over English language, apart from sound technical knowledge.

The journey for a reputed job begins with the knowledge of English. Right from the process of filling up the form for job application, till, facing Group Discussions and interview, knowledge of English is important. Importance of English in private jobs is a well- knownfact. But these days, the government sectors jobs also have English as one of the qualifying papers.

For fresh graduates, there are ample opportunities at call centers and media houses. Good knowledge and fluency in English opens the door for call centers, where timing of work is flexible as well as it pays well. In media houses, jobs like reporting, anchoring, content writing and editing also requires English proficiency.

Importance of English cannot be underestimated. No doubt, it not only offers promising opportunities, it adds an edge to your personality also.

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