English-Sip of the day

Our morning starts with the English word-“Good Morning” and the day finishes with the word-“Good Night”. Almost 99% people use these words everyday either on chats or in personal conversation. Greeting messages, good wishes all crawls around English.

In this modern phase most people try their best to speak in English and they do too. It is good to listen that those who know a bit of English also speak Hinglish (Mixture of Hindi and English).

Currently English has become an essential component in all odds of life be it a corporate life or personal life. In every field a sip of English is indeed important. Somewhere English shows attitude, somewhere it shows experience while somewhere it shows the profile of an individual. Those who want to earn money has to be fluent English speaker.In corporate world English acts as the ornament of an individual. The more you bear it the more you look good. To give any kinds of service, to sell any product, to order anything in mall or on online websites you must have the knowledge of English. Spoken English Training is an important course most of the people join but after completion of course they don’t find perfect grasp over English as they have learnt it just like a subject or course but they never felt it like a language.

Today, doing friendship with someone also requires good knowledge of English. Visiting new places or going to abroad is possible with sharp command over English. Sometimes we use such words frequently whose meaning is unknown to us but since we listen it frequently so using it comes into our habit. There is an aura around us where colors of English are spread. We also see in our daily life that English has brought great change in this world. India is developing country but to make it developed almost every Indian must speak and understand English. The size of English speakers are getting increased day by day. The schools of India are being transformed from Hindi medium to English medium.

English has become a powerful asset for everyone. There are so many languages in the world but the most vital one is English that’s why it has been selected as the International language. The development of personality and mentality is directly related to English. Learn better English and do the best by grasping it.

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