Growth of Technology in last 5 years

Technology has been growing at a rapid rate. People are innovating new technologies and a large amount of them are using it also. Technology has entered into almost each spheres of life. Computer, Mobile, Motocycle, Accessories etc are the basic parts.

So many industries are using new technologies for production of goods. This rise of techno world is giving both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage includes eas e of doing something, minimizing the work load, perfection in the work etc while disadvantages include job cutting, pollution and few others. Last 5 years has shown rapid increase of technology. In various sectors technology is replacing human being or reducing the load.

The basic need of innovation is necessity. When human beings fail to do something or find some difficulty, then some new innovation comes into action. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence have given push back in this fast growth of technology. Maximum works which were done by human beings are now replaced with machines. The ticket vending machine at stations, cash counting machine in banks, ATMs are few day to day examples.

Some growth is very much appreciable while a few are too much alarming. Let’s see the future of such massive growth. The 20th Century is lucky to have seen such changes…!!!

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