How can you crack IELTS?

IELTS refers to the International English Language Test System. In this test, there are four modules, speaking, reading , listening and writing and each module has 9 bands. Result gives overall bands after calculating bands in each module. We will give you description about how you can crack IELTS.

Firstly, it is very important to know that having command on english and cracking IELTS is not same. There is much difference between both of them of organising , speaking at length , vocabulary and fluency. These all points, a candidiate must have while giving exam of IELTS.

Secondly, to get above 7 bands in speaking , a candidiate needs to work on fluency as well as on grammar. The other thing that candidiate should keep in mind is that to give the answers according to the questions in simple ways but appropriate vocabulary and sentences must be organised by examinee.

If it comes to listening module, a person should enhance the ability of catching words and understanding the concept and sentences. A good knowledge of grammar also helps to crack this module with high bands in short time.

In terms of next module, reading, person must have focused mind and great amount of concentration. It also requires high speed in reading the content and understandability fastly as soon as possible. Moreover, the way of picking the correct answers from the right location.

Furthermore, writing is that part of IELTS which demands accurate knowledge of grammars, organising , well suited answers and examples and vocabulary  as you can use. The other factors are shape of letters, time planning and words limit.

Lastly, you need to work hard in right path smartly instead of working in those areas which are irrelevant.

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