How English Can “tune your tongue”.

English language is as fascinating, as it is popular. It has its own quirks. Over 840 million people speak English as a first or second language, which makes it the second most -spoken language right after Mandarin. Approximately, 1 new word is added to the English language every 2 hours and around 4000 new words to the English dictionary every year.It is an interesting language and expertise in it can actually tune your tongue and you can impress anyone with your language skills.

English is not the first language for many of us. To succeed in speaking a second, third or fourth language, you must be able to play with it. Every language has its own set of vowels and each of these vowels has its own tongue position. English is no exception. You become articulate once you understand these positions. You should keep trying different methods for improving your language speaking skills until you find one that you love.

You can try the different interesting tongue twisters of English. You can even make your own tongue twister by applying some brain. Trying your hand at tongue   twisters and gaining expertise in them with time will improve your accentuation pattern, pronunciation and accuracy.

By tuning into English music you can improve your rhythm, intonation and vocabulary. English poetry can help you to get that perfect pronunciation, rhythm and advanced vocabulary.

By reading English newspapers or listening to English news channels for a considerable period of time you will be able to express your opinions in English and you will acquire the impressive conversational skill.

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