How to become a good English Speaker

Don’t we get enticed when we listen to a person speaking fluently in English. We also tend to feel envious if our English is not that good. Such is the charm and beauty of this language. More than that the necessity of this language in the present time, makes it quite essential to be a good English speaker. Now the question arises what can help you to become a fluent English speaker. People around you may suggest different ways for improving your English but you have to decide what can be best suitable for you.

In this blog we are going to discuss some simple effective ways which can improve your English language skills.

Alike other languages, for speaking correct English the foremost thing is that you should have the complete knowledge of grammar. So pick up a good grammar book or enroll yourself in a language training class and have the complete knowledge of English grammar. Then comes the practice of this language. Learning English language and speaking it with ease is not a child’s play nor you can do it in a short span of time. Regular practice over a considerable period of time only can help you out.

For improving your English you should surround yourself with people who are good at this language. Listening to them and interacting with them can be an important part of your practice. These people can be your office colleagues, friends or even family members. In the beginning even if you hesitate in speaking, don’t give up. You may be interrupted or even made fun of because of your incorrect English but that is the way you will learn ultimately.

Any place you visit, be it a mall, restaurant, party or a tourist spot find the opportunities to communicate in English. It is also important to think in English and interact with yourself in this language. For this you can choose to pen down your thoughts in a diary or express yourself before a mirror or even record your voice while speaking English. This will help you to know your mistakes and improve your language speaking skills.

Try to be as curious as possible to learn new words of English. Learn at least 5 new words daily. For learning new words, reading English newspaper on a daily basis or reading a good novel can work. Listening to English news or any standard content in English can also be useful.  Learning alone will not suffice it is also important to use the words you learn in your day to day communication. In this way, you will be able to build a strong vocabulary and which will help you to improve your language.

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