How to become a successful Web Developer

The 21st century is the era of technology in which you need to equip yourself with at least some technical skills. We have seen a lot of development which has taken place in the last few years. Every business, the brand is getting the digital edge. At this moment, if you are planning to build your career then you can choose few skills among Web Development, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Software Testing, Cyber Security, etc. If you want to get jobs quickly or want to work as a freelancer then Website Development is the best option for you. 

To become a successful web developer you need to learn a complete package with the help of which you can design a website. In school/college life you are taught the basics of HTML (HyperText Markup Language). If you would have learned and practiced it properly then the journey of web development would be quite interesting and easy for you. Even if you haven't learned anything still nothing to worry about. Learn these modules properly & you can become a successful web designer/web developer. Do practice while you are learning the syntax. You will have to design something side by side with the help of the codes you are learning. 

Learn these deeply:-

1. HTML :- It is the stepping stone once you enter into the world of website designing. You have to learn various tags and their corresponding attributes which are used to design the architecture of a website. We can simply say HTML is the root or base of a website. You can create heading, lines and can also insert images, videos, and many more things on your website. Learn about the syntax of all the tags and attributes and use it in your projects. 

2. CSS :- Once you have designed the architecture of the website the next turn comes to style the elements. CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is used to do the styling work. You can set margin, padding, colors, background, etc. There are various properties that can be applied to the HTML element and you can make attractive websites. 

3. JavaScript :- JavaScript allows users to interact with web pages. You can create your desired events or programs which can run as you want. With the help of JavaScript, you can also apply validation in forms. You should learn JavaScript deeply because it has great applications in web development. There are more advanced versions of JavaScript like Node.js, React.js, etc which are used mostly in industries nowadays.

4. JQuery:- JQuery is fast, small, and one of the best libraries of JavaScript where you can write fewer codes to execute more JavaScript. If you have learned JavaScript deeply you are likely to get lesser time to learn JQuery. JQuery gives you various options to use Animation, Effects on your website so become a master of it. 

5. BootStrap:- The website nowadays needs to be device friendly commonly know as Responsive. It must look better on each platform be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you are good in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript the bootstrap is quite simple for you as it contains all three. BootStrap comprises ready-made classes to perform various activities so you need to remember these classes and it's application. You can design wonderful and eye-catchy websites using bootstrap. 

6. Photoshop :- When are you are designing the UI of the website the client may demand you the complete architecture of the website. Photoshop is used to design the graphics and UI of the website. Basic knowledge of Photoshop can make a good web developer. You must also know how to design logos, work on images, etc.

7. PHP :- PHP is one of the most powerful languages for web development. It is a server-side programming language that is used in various aspects. You can connect the frontend part of your website with the database easily using PHP. Along with this, you can carry information from one part to other easily using PHP. Learning PHP will take some time but be sure you are going to be the perfect developer. Spend time learning PHP. If you want then you can learn the frameworks of PHP parallelly like Laravel, Codeigniter, etc.

8. MySQL :- MySQL is basically used as a database for the website. It consists of various queries which can create, delete, update data in the database. You need to learn these queries and understand the practical application how does it work. If you do practical, it will be really easy and interesting. The database is the backend part of a website so you need to learn it deeply. The big websites have all the data stored in their database.

This is all you need to learn to become a successful web developer. You might be consumed how much time will it take? If you are serious and learning these from some coaching institute it will take a max of two to three months. Once you learn these, try to design a website using these. You can work as an intern in some organization where you can get some projects to work upon. Later on, you can join some company as a web designer or web developer. 

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