“How to introduce yourself in an interview”

Interview is the last step in the ladder of getting a job. By performing well in the personal interview, you can impress the recruiters and bag the job. Introducing yourself in an interview in an effective way is very important because it is the way you present yourself and create your first impression.

Here is the correct way to introduce yourself –

Tell your name.

You can say My name is …… or I am……. . Never say Myself…..(it is grammatically incorrect. Say your full name.

The place you belong to..

For this you can say I am a native of ….. or I belong to ….. or I am born and brought up in …..

Academic Qualification

Start with your most recent degree and then your previous qualifications. Mention the name of the institution

Work Experience

If you have work experience tell the interviewer about it. You should mention about your last job and your first job. If you do not have work experience, you can tell about any on-job training or academic projects you have undertaken.

Strengths and Weaknesses

You must mention your strengths relevant to the post you are applying for. These may include leadership, team spirit etc. You should also tell about your weaknesses but it should be followed by the statement that you are working on it.

Family background

You should not tell about your family in detail unless asked. You can tell about the number of members in your family and the profession of your father and mother.


In this you can tell about the hobbies you pursue. You should have knowledge about the hobbies you are mentioning

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