How to read newspaper ?

Newspaper is a great source of knowledge. It not only improves the knowledge base of an individual but also helps to develop reading, writing and analytical skills. For those who are not habituated of reading newspaper, it can be a tedious task. In this era of internet, smart phones and various apps, the art of reading newspaper is dying out. More potential readers are turning to other sources of information particularly internet publications.

Problems faced by beginners while reading newspaper are digression, inability to keep the flow, new and unknown topics, difficult vocabulary, twisted paragraphs and lack of background knowledge. These issues can pester you, but by working on them, you can develop the habit of reading newspaper.

First, one should select a particular newspaper and follow it for a considerable period of time. If you are a beginner, try to select a simple newspaper. Once you develop command over reading habit, you can switch to another one of a higher level or you can read more than one newspaper.

Second, is deciding your reading purpose or selective reading. Choose your area of interest, it may be local news, national news, editorials, sports news or entertainment news. Initially try to cover all articles of your interest area, so that you do not get bored. Later on you can start reading difficult topics.

Thirdly, you should keep a dictionary handy, while reading newspaper. The moment you find a difficult word, refer to the dictionary. Maintain a diary and note these words. Try to use these words in your conversation or writing. This will enhance your vocabulary.

After reading a particular article, comprehend and analyze it and try  to form your own viewpoint on the topic. Last, but not the least, find a comfortable and congenial place to read newspaper. Fold your paper while reading it. Make it a daily habit to read newspaper. It will widen your outlook, enrich your knowledge and boost your confidence.

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