Most important things to remember for an interview

When it comes to an interview, most of all lose our hope. But is the right approach? You must know that interview is just a criterion set by companies to evaluate you. They want to find the perfect candidate who can handle the responsibilities in the best possible ways.

How to prepare for an interview

1. Do some research about the company.
2. Analyse your qualification, skills as per the job requirement.
3. Do practise common interview questions.
4. Know all the etiquettes of an interview.
5. Prepare a good dress to wear during an interview.
6. Prepare answers to common questions asked in interviews.
7. Get ready with your resume & all other documents required during the interview.

Things to do during an interview

1. Say Greetings when you enter.
2. Speak politely.
3. Listen to the questions carefully.
4. Don't be in hurry, take time to answer.
5. Don't use too many gestures.
6. Main perfect posture & body language.
7. Focus on your eye contact.
8. Be honest & don't tell a lie.

Things not to do during an interview

1. Don't speak too loudly.
2. Don't become too much familiar with the interviewer.
3. Don't interrupt the interviewer when he/she is speaking.
4. Don't be late.
5. Don't wear a casual dress.
6. Avoid being extra confident.
7. Don't become hypothetical, be practical.
8. Don't deviate from the topic.

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