A year after the first Covid case, India’s toll drops to 4th in the world

On Saturday, India completes one year of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the virus outbreak appearing increasingly under control in most parts of the country every day. India dropped to fourth place in deaths from the virus On Friday, with fatalities in Mexico overtaking India's cumulative toll.

With more than 1500 deaths reported in the past 24 hours, Mexico's Covid toll topped 1,55,000, going past India's total recorded deaths from the virus so far(1,54,184).

India has been recording less than 200 Covid deaths per day for few days, at a time when daily fatalities have been over 500 in at least eight countries. Four of these countries have been reporting more than 1000 daily deaths over the past few days, with the daily toll in the US hovering around 4,000

I the last 24 hours, India recorded over 13,000 fresh cases and at least 133 deaths. While has pandemic has certainly recessed in the country, it is not over yet, as several experts have repeatedly pointed out.

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