India gets 16, 375 Fresh COVID-19 Cases

From the emergency use authorisation date, the COVID-19 vaccine can be rolled out within 10 days. It is based on the feedback got from dry run.

The COVID-19 cases have been decreasing at a good pace which is the matter of sigh of relief for India. On Tuesday, the cases were found lower than that of Monday. India added 16,375 new cases on Tuesday, placing the number at 1.03 crore cases. The data was shown by Health Ministry. In the period, the total death was recorded as 201 taking the total fatalities upto 1,49,850.

At the same time, United Kingdom has recorded more than 60,000 COVID-19 Cases in daily figures for the very first time on Tuesday. The government is struggling to deal with this new virus which is impacting the country badly.

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