NBA and NBPA agree to additional measures to supplement the current Health and Safety Protocols during recent surge of COVID-19 cases

The NBA had to postpone four games in the last week due to Covid-19

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) Tuesday agree on additional measures to supplement the current Health and Safety Protocols governing this 2020-21 season. As of Tuesday afternoon, the league has had to postpone five games this season.

The new guidelines agreed by the league and NBPA are the following, the following measures will take effect immediately:-

For at least the next two weeks, players and team staff members are prohibited to go outside from their houses. They can only attend any team-related activities and for essential services or in case of emergency.

Players are not allowed from arriving at the arena more than three hours before tip-off. During the pre-and post-game periods, players must limit interactions to the elbow or fist bumps, avoid extended socializing and maintain 6 feet of distance as much as possible.

For team fights, players can only sit next to teammates who they will sit next to the bench, and any treatment sessions (i.e. massages, physical therapy) must occur in a hotel's ballroom or a large enough space to create at least 12 feet of space between each station.

When a player exits a game, before they return to the bench they can sit only on the "cool down chairs" that will be set up at least 12 feet from the team bench and six feet distance from each other where it is not necessary to wear face masks. When a player is done cooling down, they must return to their own assigned seat on the bench while wearing a mask until they enter the game again. Masks must always be worn in locker rooms, during workouts, and when interacting with one another outside of their house.

Any person who regularly visits a player's house for professional reasons must go for the COVID-19 test twice per week. If any team member has a positive coronavirus test among players or team staff, the league can force the whole team and staff members to go for the COVID-19 test twice-a-day.

These guidelines will valid for at least two weeks, and then the league can reevaluate where it depends on terms of cases. The hope is that these new protocols will help to control the current spread of the Coronavirus around the league, and there will not be a bigger break-down in the schedule. The NBA has already expressed that there is no intention of taking a pause in the season 2020-21, and hope that this rough patch won't extend so far.

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