English FAQs

1. What is English Speaking Course?

If you face problems in speaking English then English speaking course will be perfect guide for you. You will be able to learn how to understand English and speak it fluently. There are few basics which you need to strengthen and mostly you need to participate in various Spoken English activities. It will boost your confidence and you can speak English without fear.

2. Who should join Spoken English Course?

Anyone whose feels they are not able to speak English or need more refinement in it can join Spoken English Course. You can also join to boost your confidence, to remove stage fear, to improve your personality & communication, to build good accent etc.

3. Why should we learn English?

Since English is the second most spoken international langauge after Chinese, we should learn it to Read, Write, Listen and Speak in front of others. English will open the doors of immense job opportunities. You can crack various exams, interviews by attaining good grasp over English. It will help you to write letters, emails and manage your clients or customers.

4. How to learn English Speaking?

You can join a reputed English speaking institute (Offline or Online) or can learn English sitting at home also. Institute will give you consistency, guidance, study materials and a good environment to grow yourself. So it's always recommended to learn from the experts. If you don't want to join institute, then you can listen to various public speakers, watch various videos and try to speak English among your friends.

5. What activities are done in English Speaking Course?

Activities primarily done in English speaking classes are Story Telling, Role Play, Group Discussion, Tongue Twisters, Accent Building, Vocabulary Game, Interview Session, News Reading, Anchoring, Extempore etc.

6. What is the duration of English Speaking Course?

The duration of English speaking course is usually 4 to 6 months. A good institution takes 4 months to coverup the entire curriculum and activities. It also depends upon the active participation of students.

7. Is grammar also part of English Speaking Course?

Yes English grammar is taught in basic English speaking course. Those who face problems in framing sentences, understanding meaning of sentences and commit a lot of small mistakes should learn grammar very deeply. It's a one time effort to learn which will shine you always.

8. How to face Interview?

Facing interview is a bit challenging. You should prepare well before the interview. Work on your personality, communication first. Prepare some commonly asked interview questions. Dress up well and go through your resume once. Gain enough information about the company, job profile and related technical or other possible questions. Feel confident while facing interview.

9. What is the difference between GD & Debate?

Although GD and Debate both involves the participation of a group of people to share their ideas, opinion but there is minor difference between both. GD (Group Discussion) takes the opinion of all the participants as one group or entity and finally reaches to a common conclusion. While in debate, the group is divided into two units - one in the favor of topic and other against the topic. Both units have to give their opinion and prove their side to be the best. GD usually involves healthy discussion while Debate may lead to arguments since there is difference in opinion of everyone.

10. What are the tips to crack a Job Interview?

Few tips to crack Job interview are : Work on your Personality and Communication, carefully read the job description, do a bit research about the company, prepare some commonly asked interview questions, maintain proper eye contact and gestures, go through your resume before the interview, speak slowly but confidently, be humble & polite.

11. How can I learn English online?

There are various ways of learning English online. You can watch English videos (Grammar & others), get new words everyday from some website or apps, listen to good English speakers (whom you like), play some word games, read blogs/news/articles/e-magazines, watch English movies/serials/episodes, listen to English songs etc.

12. What are the best YouTube Channels for learning English?

Best YouTube Channels for learning English are : Learn English with Misterduncan, FluentU English, Learn English with EnglishClass101.com, Real English, BBC Learn English, British Council, Business English Pod, VOA Learning English, JenniferESL, EF PodEnglish, Learn American English.

13. What are the career options of English?

Having good grasp over English, you can become good manager, anchor, public speaker, consultant, counsellor, teacher, content writer, blogger, subject matter expert, journalist etc.

14. What is the syllabus of English Speaking Course?

The syllabus of English speaking is not like our academic syllabus. Basic things to learn for speaking English are : Sentence Formation, Tense, Voice, Modals, Parts of Speech, Modals, Subject-Verb-Agreement, Vocabulary, Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs etc. The activities to be done for getting confidence and fluency are : Role Play, Story Telling, News Reading, Anchoring, Group Discussion, Debate, Mock Interviews, Extempore, Tongue Twisters etc.

15. Why should we learn grammar for speaking English?

Grammar is the foundation of any language. With good knowledge of grammar, you will be able to understand the meaning of sentences, write correctly and frame correct sentences while speaking English. Focus on grammar and strengthen it once, it will help you for your while life.

16. How to improve my Personality?

Personality is the most important trait of human being. To improve your personality you can follow these : Try to be an active Listener, get more and more information & ideas, be yourself, expand the horizon of your interests, meet new people & converse with them, follow good speakers, always maintain positive attitude, improve your body language and maintain good discipline in life.

17. How to improve my Communication Skills?

Few activities will grow your communication skills fastly : Try to listen more and more, lay more focus on your body language, speak little but powerful, you can write down chunk points before speaking, follow and listen to good speakers, do check again what you have written or typed, be polite and give respect during communication.

18. How can I improve my Pronunciation?

Pronunciation is the metaphor/polish of your communication. The more you work on it, the more better you become. Few activities will improve your Pronunciation : Listen yourself while speaking, read more and more tongue twisters, copy the experts, record your voice and listen, speak in front of mirror, try anchoring, try to do commentry, read news in proper accent.

19. How to introduce myself during Interview?

Self introduction is required in almost all the interviews. Being a beginner to expert, being a fresher to an experienced you have to tell the interviewer who you are! You should follow a sequence while introducing yourself : Start with your name, tell about your father & family, place you belong to, your education qualification (your past job if having), your hobbies, strength, achievements, your aim/goal/vision etc.

20. How do I practise English Speaking?

To practise English speaking, you can follow these activities : Pick a topic & talk to yourself, participate in group discussion and debate, talk to your friends in English over the phone, use some apps which allows you to learn English speaking etc.

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