How to build Strong Vocabulary

Follow these ways to build your Strong Vocabulary...

  1. Use new words
  2. Read everyday
  3. Learn Roots
  4. Use Thesaurus
  5. Develop Practical Vocabulary
  6. Learn new words everyday
  7. Lookup words you don't know
  8. Keep a Journal
  9. Identify empty words
  10. Diversify your Reading List
  11. Do Word Puzzles
  12. Try Word Board Games
  13. Practise new words in divergent ways
  14. Make up Associations
  15. Use Mnemonics
  16. Visualise New Words
  17. Make your own vocabulary List
  18. Make Synonym Words List
  19. Take a writing course
  20. Edit your own writing
  21. Ask for feedback
  22. Play games

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