How to learn English

how to learn english

English has almost become the part and parcel of our life. From official documents, Interviews, Companies to using Internet in everyday life, we must have knowledge of English. Now the question arises in our mind - "How to learn English?"

Let's talk about this in detail. The first thing you should clarify is What kind of English do you want to learn. Is it Spoken English, Written English, English Grammar or Competitive English? The strategy to learn English will vary in all situations. We will discuss about all four segment of English language - Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening. Various exams like IELTS, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, CAT etc takes the test of Reading Skills of an individual. If you want to improve in this segment, you should read a lot of stuff everyday. It can be daily newspaper, magazine, book, blog, article or any good novel. Reading opens your mind to think & get valuable information. Reading can be done silently or by uttering. Silent Reading is considered as the best. While Reading, try to analyze the meaning of words, sentences, context etc. If you really do this, you will fall in love with reading. Gradually try to increase your reading speed. An average person has reading speed of approx 160-180 words per minute. The next level is Written English. Do you remember - In Schools or Colleges, You used to write a lot of Articles, Essays, Letters, long answers etc? It was all done to improve your writing. To write English correctly, we must have good grasp over English Grammar Basics. In Grammar also, it's not mandatory to learn everything. Few important chapters are there whose role is too much in English. These are Sentence, Tense, Voice, Modals, Parts of Speech, Subject- Verb Agreement etc. Try to build strong command over these topics. Once it's done, you may do some exercise, translation or give mock tests. There are various website which tests the knowledge of your Grammar. Few other activities can also improve your Written English like Chatting in English, Writing good emails, Writing letters, Typing in English, Drafting official documents etc. These are the day to day activities which will make you learn English at good pace. Apart from this try to build a good vocabulary. Exams like IAS, PCS, TOEFL, IELTS etc test your command over Written English. Although learning English is a gradual process but consistency matters a lot in this regard. Refer to some good grammar books, articles etc to improve your writing skills.

Let's come to Spoken English now. To become a good speaker, it's very important to learn English speaking. If you have followed the Reading & Writing tips discussed above, then you need to do a lot of practise only. Talking to friends, relatives or others in english will help you a lot to learn English speaking. You may participate in Group Discussion, Debate, Interview Sessions, Public Speaking etc to shine your English Speaking skills. To become more efficient, you may join some good Spoken English Course. Your active participation in Spoken English activities will bring great change within you. Stage fear, hesitation will go out in few months. While speaking English, try to focus on accent, pronunciation, way of delivery, accuracy etc. If you want to work on your Pronunciation, you can practise tongue twisters everyday. It will twist your tongue & make it efficient to speak words clearly. Next to it, listening is also important to improve your Spoken English. If you want to focus on listening, there are various ways of doing it. Watch News everyday. The habit of watching news on TV or YouTube in English will bring a lot of English everyday within you. Watch movies, listen to English songs at regular intervals. Since we love movies & music, if we add flavour of English to it, it will bring great change within you. While listening it's also important to understand the things. Apart from these you can listen to eminent speakers or the people whom you like the most. Listening must include the plugin of your interest too. If you find interest during listening, then only it's effective for you.

Following above points will really help you to learn English in better ways. Never worry if you commit a lot of mistakes during the preliminary phases. It may be more difficult for the students belonging to Hindi medium. English has become the backbone of modern day world. All the companies require professionals having good knowledge of English plus they have good communication skill. Take time to learn English efficiently and bring massive change in your life. It's good if you are a school or college student & have started focussing on learning English but if you are someone else, always remember it's never late to start. All needed is your dedication, consistency & a lot of practise to become perfect. Always remember - "No one can ever stop Go-Getters".

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