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online english courses in dubai

Your eagerness to learn English speaking ends here. We at Smartech Education offer a wide range of customized English classes for different candidates. If you are looking for online English Speaking courses in Dubai, we are there to guide you and take you towards success. Our online English Speaking classes include basic English, business English, professional English, etc. We focus primarily on the overall Personality and Communication Skills of the candidate. We have highly qualified trainers who put their 100% while giving training to the students. They understand your need and accordingly align the future curriculum and path for you. In between the assignments are given during the classes to test the level of understanding of the candidate. Our online English courses in Dubai give you an open opportunity to learn and utilize the learning in framing your bright career. You must look at Smartech Education for Best English Classes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Our online English speaking course gives the students the opportunity to speak on any topic fluently and fearlessly.

Learn English in Dubai..! The lessons designed by us are best suited for the candidate to learn English speaking from scratch level. Even if your English grammar is not up to the mark, we hold your hands and make you perfect.

Learning Outcomes after availing Online English Speaking Course
  • Learn how to pronounce different words.
  • Speed up your Reading Speed & develop the sense of understanding the points clearly.
  • Gear up your Writing Skills. Our online english course comprises of various writing tasks.
  • Improve your Listening Skills. We give you various assignments which will develop your listening ability.
  • Become a fluent English Speaker. This is the nushell of our online english speaking course.
  • Development of Analytical, Logical and Comprehensive ability towards any issue or topic.

For top online English learning, our curriculum and trainers are best suited for you. The course module designed by us has been kept as per the level of students. The classes are conducted in groups as well as individually. Your stage fear, hesitation will go out very easily. You will start feeling good vibes from inside once you complete the English Speaking course online. For Dubai online English course, our trainers are well equipped. In the first go, take a free trial session, share your problems with the trainer and get counseling from them. We assure you that after completing the English speaking course from you, you can communicate with the rest of the world easily in ENGLISH.

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Online English Speaking Course Modules

Basic English (60 Hours)

1. Sentence Formation

If you are facing any problem in framing a sentence, then we are ready to make you strong in sentence formation.
Regular conversation is needed for society. Our course is designed to make you fluent in daily life conversation in English.
We prepare our course in such a way, where you will have no difficulty to understand properly about the Past, Present and Future tense while using it in real life.
Join our course, here we will teach you about the best concept of voice change. You will be fluent in active and passive voice both.
If you have any difficulty then join our basic English course. We will guide you about parts of speech to make your English perfect.
Now clear the concept of Modal verbs. We train the students in best possible ways to use modal verbs in real life.
Are you feeling problems with your poor vocabulary? Then come to us, we will make prepare you with the best vocabulary.
Want to update your quality of English writing, then we are here to help you. Our best trainers will help you about phrases.
Speaking needs great pronunciation otherwise meaning can be different. We guide our students for fluent English speaking and excellent pronunciation.
Role play doesn’t need to use words but says a lot. We prepare everyone for the best role play, come and join today.
Both these skills are equally important. Visit us once, we provide special sessions for developing the listening and writing skills.
In this activity, you will be shown some object & you have to speak something about that.
Imagination has a great role behind it. Just come to us, because we help you to imagine about a situation, that will create a story.
Short talks is a skill. We teach our students how to express your thoughts & ideas in the shortest way. We provide an umbrella for your bright future.

Corporate English (60 Hours)

Reading any news is a talent and needs regular practise. We teach our students, how to read various types of news.
Anchoring holds the audience. Our trainers have vast experience of handling huge audience. Learn anchoring skills from them.
No one is perfect, it means imperfection is everywhere. We train about how to deal with imperfection and how to push yourself towards perfection.
Are you feeling problems with your normal vocabulary? Then come to us, we will provide various kind of words which are used in different contexts.
Accent changes the situation. We always teach our students about the importance of accent. Get trained from our experts.
It needs different voice modulation. We provide special sessions on voice modulation & audience handling through our story telling module.
It is vital to get a job in current situation. We train our students for group discussions and how to control the entire session.
It is an important part of corporate world. We have designed our modules for the corporates who can excel in their life by participating in such activities.
Personality is required everywhere. So, join our course where we teach how to maintain your personality, your presence in front of everyone.
Talking in an emergency with clear accent is important. The Accent Building session will bring great change in your pronunciation & will boost your communication upto a great extent.
Debate is always required to prove your opinion. Participate in several debate sessions & learn how to listen to others & express yourself in a group.
At every stage, you will face interview. So, we prepare our students with this modules, where we prepare the students to face different kinds of interview questions. We also conduct several mock interviews as well.
How will you handle any dynamic situation which is changing every moment? Just take part in such events to learn good lessons in your life.
Not always you will get time to speak. We conduct extempore & powerplay sessions to give you chance to speak randomly about any particular topic.
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For Whom?

online english courses in dubai

School Students

Our basic English course is oriented for the school level students. Learn basic grammar and strengthen the base of your English language. Become an active speaker by participating in different spoken English activities.

dubai online english course

College Students

Learn corporate English and get entry into the corporate world. Our curriculum includes multiple spoken English activities like Group Discussion, Debate, Interview Session, Anchoring, News Reading etc. It will help you to become Industry ready.

free english courses online speaking


Learn how to grow your Personality & Communication Skills from us. We have highly experienced trainers who know the wide professional etiquettes. You will feel amazing change within yourself after few months.

english speaking course online

Job Seekers

Grab your desired job by following our Spoken English Course. We make you ready to speak English anytime and anywhere. We support you to crack GD, Interview, Debate Sessions etc. We conduct couple of Mock Interviews too.

online english speaking classes


Spend your time in learning English and educating your kids. You can also upgrade yourself to get your desired job. If you feel you want to start from scratch, you may join basic English course else corporate English is good to nurture you.

best online english learning


When it comes to business, you have to face meetings, webinars, conferences etc. Learn how to face group meetings and speak better version of English. We help you to grow your personality and Communication. Just be ready to learn.

Best Online English Learning

Online English Courses in Dubai

Do you want to take online English courses in Dubai? You are in the right place. Our well-designed online English Speaking classes will help you to conquer the fear of English and make you a fluent English speaker. The online course is designed separately for students, working professionals, and others. In the intro classes, we understand your requirement first. Based on this, our trainer suggests the curriculum to be followed. You need not worry because of English now. Connect with us now and follow the path shown by us. We will take you to the guaranteed success.

Smartech Education is a leading institution that provides quality education to the students. Your success is our success, hence we guide you towards the best path. We are dedicated to creating a brighter future for the students so that they can create a better generation tomorrow. The online English speaking course will change your life. You can interact with others fluently and fearlessly. Learn from basic level to advanced level English and turn your life. We conduct group/individual classes.

best online english classes

Quality Assured

We guarantee for the best quality in training.

top online english learning

Best Study Materials

Get access to fully researched and authentic study materials.

online english speaking course in dubai

Experienced Trainers

We have highly qualified & well experienced trainers for you.

FAQs - Dubai Online English Course

Why English Speaking Course is Important?

English is the global language which is integral part of communication nowadays. From Social Media, Internet to several other offices, English is the stepping stone. Learning English will always keep you ahead of others & shall build your unique identity. Since English is a language more than a subject, thus understanding what others are saying or speak what you want to say is more important. Our Spoken English Course has been designed keeping in mind the need of all. Starting from School Students to working Professionals, the English Speaking Course will boost up their skills. Join Smartech Education for a trail session & get the best opportunity to excel your career.

There is no shortcut to success. We usually see various speakers speaking for hours without any errors, but we never see how much struggle they would have done to reach upto this level. For Speaking English few things are required like a good environment, positive attitude of learning, inner Confidence, getting subject knowledge etc. Usually if you start from scratch level then it takes around 3 months (90 Hours) to become fluent in English. It depends maximum upon students as they have to do hard in this tenure.

The Spoken English Course is divided in two categories : Basic / Foundation & Advanced / Corporate. The basic English package focuses mainly on strengthening the base of students. It includes grammar sessions like Tense, Voice, Modals, Articles, Parts of Speech etc. On the other hand, Corporate English focuses on the Industry demand. It consists of sessions like Interview, GD, Debate, Role Play, Tongue Twisters, News Reading, Extempore & many more. The practise sessions will help the students to develop sense of understanding and keep themselves becoming fluent in English day by day.

Smartech Education is a pioneer in providing English Speaking classes online. We have quality trainers for providing the best online English learning classes to the students. We cater to students, working professionals, housewives, or anyone who wants to enrich their English speaking. Join the best online English classes from us. You can take a trial session before starting the classes. You will avail study materials, doubt sessions, and guidance for cracking Job Interviews.

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