Root Words

Get the basic root words in English...

  1. Act: to move or do (actor, acting, reenact)
  2. Arbor: tree (arboreal, arboretum, arborist)
  3. Crypt: to hide (apocryphal, cryptic, cryptography)
  4. Ego: "I" (egotist, egocentric, egomaniac)
  5. Form: shape (conform, formulate, reform)
  6. Legal: related to the law (illegal, legalities, paralegal)
  7. Norm: typical (abnormal, normality, paranormal)
  8. Phobia: fear (arachnophobia, claustrophobia, hygrophobia)
  9. Acri: bitter (acrid, acrimony, acridity)
  10. Astro: star (astronaut, astronomy, astrophysics)
  11. Aud: hear (audience, audible, audio)
  12. Auto: self (autonomy, autocrat, automatic)
  13. Bene: good (benefactor, benevolent, beneficial)
  14. Carn: flesh (carnal, carnivorous, reincarnate)
  15. Corp: body (corporal, corporate, corpse)
  16. Cred: believe (credible, credence, incredible)
  17. Deca: ten (decade, decathlon, decalogue)
  18. Dict: say (diction, dictate, edict)
  19. Gen: birth (genesis, genetics, generate)
  20. Lum: light (lumen, luminary, luminous)
  21. Meter: measure (kilometer, millimeter, pedometer)
  22. Micro: small (microbiology, microcosm, microscope)
  23. Multi: many (multilingual, multiple, multifaceted)
  24. Port: carry (portal, portable, transport)
  25. Sect: cut apart (dissect, sectional, transect)
  26. Sen: old (senator, senile, senior)
  27. Sent: to feel (consent, sensation, sensing)
  28. Tele: far (telephone, telegraph, television)
  29. Vor: to eat greedily (herbivore, omnivore, voracious)

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