Spoken English Course

Basic English (44 Hours)

Learn to frame basic sentences using Subject, Verb & Object. We will tell you the best ways to Introduce yourself in front of others.
All types of Tense - Present, Past, Future will be covered here. Understand how to identify tense and get the best structure of each tense.
Get complete insights about Active & Passive Voice alongwith its usage in English.

Learn different types of Modals like Can, Could, Should, May, Might, Used to, Dare, Ought to etc alongwith examples.
Get to know the usage of A, An, The in different situations. Assignments are also provided for the same.
Learn about Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection in depth with several examples.
Basic words are given everyday to enrich your vocabulary. Use these vocab in your day to day life.

Different topic and sitations are given to develop yourself. With these sessions you develop your Personality, body language, eye contact, Gesture, Posture, Confidence etc.

Corporate English (44 Hours)

You will be given different words and situation to formulate story and tell it in front of everyone.                                                       
Develop your personality and remove stage fear by speaking in front of few people. Get confidence while delivering yourself in front of others.
Learn the best ways of reading Newspapers and delievering news. Also everyday we will provide you advance vocabulary alongwith its meaning and usage.
Conquer the stage fear by expressing yourself completely in front of public. Grow Personality, Confidence thorugh such activities.
A number of tongue twisters will provoke you to speak the words more clear. It will bring great command over your pronunication.
Participate in Group Discussion and Debate Sessions. Learn how to handle a team, when - how and what to speak.
Participate in different levels of interview and develop yourself. Get to learn about different questions and how to answer them during interview.
Master yourself in this module. Get enough confidence to speak anything at any point of time.

For Whom?

Learn English Speaking

School Students

Our basic English course is oriented for the school level students. Learn basic grammar and strengthen the base of your English language. Become an active speaker by participating in different spoken English activities.

Personality Development Classes

College Students

Learn corporate English and get entry into the corporate world. Our curriculum includes multiple spoken English activities like Group Discussion, Debate, Interview Session, Anchoring, News Reading etc. It will help you to become Industry ready.

Spoken English


Learn how to grow your Personality & Communication Skills from us. We have highly experienced trainers who know the wide professional etiquettes. You will feel amazing change within yourself after few months.

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Job Seekers

Grab your desired job by following our Spoken English Course. We make you ready to speak English anytime and anywhere. We support you to crack GD, Interview, Debate Sessions etc. We conduct couple of Mock Interviews too.

Personality Development Classes


Spend your time in learning English and educating your kids. You can also upgrade yourself to get your desired job. If you feel you want to start from scratch, you may join basic English course else corporate English is good to nurture you.

Spoken English Course


When it comes to business, you have to face meetings, webinars, conferences etc. Learn how to face group meetings and speak better version of English. We help you to grow your personality and Communication. Just be ready to learn.

About the Course

Learn English Speaking

Spoken English is the need of hour as being an international language it's spoken by major population worldwide. Learn English Speaking at your own pace with Smartech Education. We will Improve your overall language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). Spoken English Course will fill out confidence within you to speak english anytime and anywhere. Be it Student, Professionals, Officers everyone must learn english. Are you looking for Spoken English Course? We are here to nurture you. We provide Classes, Study Materials, Mock Tests, Assighments to make you expert in Spoken English.

Smartech Education focuses on the overall skill development of students. In Spoken English Course, We cover English Grammar Basics, Interview Preparation, GD & Debate, Role Play Session, News Reading, Extempore Session and many others. With our Spoken English Modules, Know More...Grow More...

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Spoken English

Why English Speaking Course is Important?

English is the global language which is integral part of communication nowadays. From Social Media, Internet to several other offices, English is the stepping stone. Learning English will always keep you ahead of others & shall build your unique identity. Since English is a language more than a subject, thus understanding what others are saying or speak what you want to say is more important. Our Spoken English Course has been designed keeping in mind the need of all. Starting from School Students to working Professionals, the English Speaking Course will boost up their skills. Join Smartech Education for a trail session & get the best opportunity to excel your career.

How much time does it take to become fluent in English?

There is no shortcut to success. We usually see various speakers speaking for hours without any errors, but we never see how much struggle they would have done to reach upto this level. For Speaking English few things are required like a good environment, positive attitude of learning, inner Confidence, getting subject knowledge etc. Usually if you start from scratch level then it takes around 3 months (90 Hours) to become fluent in English. It depends maximum upon students as they have to do hard in this tenure.

Does speaking english course also include Grammar & Practise Sessions?

The Spoken English Course is divided in two categories : Basic / Foundation & Advanced / Corporate. The basic English package focuses mainly on strengthening the base of students. It includes grammar sessions like Tense, Voice, Modals, Articles, Parts of Speech etc. On the other hand, Corporate English focuses on the Industry demand. It consists of sessions like Interview, GD, Debate, Role Play, Tongue Twisters, News Reading, Extempore & many more. The practise sessions will help the students to develop sense of understanding and keep themselves becoming fluent in English day by day.

Why Smartech is best institute for Spoken English Course in Saket?

At Smartech Education, We have so far trainer 1000+ candidates. In the due course of time, we have understood the actual demand of students and accordingly framed the entire course structure. We focus on every single student who joins us. Study materials like handouts & assignments are given time to time. Also a study portal is given to the students after Admission. Students will have lot of useful stuffs which will boost their pace of English Speaking. We keep the batches as per the level of candidates. The couse curriculum designed by Smartech is very useful for step by step development of an individual. Thus, Smartech is considered best Spoken English class in Saket.