About Spoken English Course

Would you like to speak English better?
This course will enable you to achieve this objective.
Your knowledge of English is enhanced in-person, online, and on the phone. You will learn how to define and present yourself powerfully in this short term course. For group discussions, you can build and present speaker skills: how we agree or disagree, explain, restate, and summarize. You will review and practice how to provide information and address various questions. You are going to research and interview effectively. You are going to plan and sell the product or service in a "sales pitch." You will change the way you speak English during the course, and you will become flowing and precise when you chat. The body language and tone are culturally appropriate. You will be completing self-and peer reviews during the course. You can learn the skills and trust to communicate well in English and worldwide through a combination of lessons, understanding and vocabulary tests, practice, and results. If you are searching the best English Speaking course near me or English coaching near me, then Smartech Education is best spot for you. Smartech provides best Spoken Course at affordable rate.

You're going to:

  • Learn to gain greater fluency and precision with your English.
  • Learn to use English, make use of natural pauses naturally.
  • Debate and make speeches in English for classmates.
  • Gain the requisite trust to communicate and interact in different contexts
  • make your communication more fluent and regular while building confidence, while speaking in English, you will establish strategies.

Course Details
Our Basic English course is of 2 months, and it includes Sentence Formation & Self Introduction, Tense, Voice, Modals, Articles, Parts of Speech, Basic Vocal Session, and Role Play. On the other hand, the corporate English course is also of 2 months, including Story Telling, Public Speaking & PDP, News Reading & Advanced Vocal Session, Anchoring, Tongue Twisters, GD & Debate, Interview session, and Extempore.

Intelligent education courses at various levels are open. We urge you to finish all of your classes to finish and transfer to the next level.

Learning outcomes

Build and consistently practice your soft skills with English. Learn in a series of daily scenarios to communicate and present in front of others.

Get more ease in English, from social to more formal environments in different scenarios.

Our course will help you practice and strengthen your communication skills in writing and speaking. It focuses primarily on the correct use of grammar and expression.

You are taking online courses and online activities also. The preparation lasts for 4 months. You can visit this section for more information about our course content and materials.

Interact with videoconferencing with your teacher and classmates. Enhance your English language skills and trust. You will get direct input from the instructor and engage in discussions during the live lessons.

Research at your speed by access to our high-quality learning. When you finish the lessons, learn to read, compose, and listen with greater trust and precision. Give your progress instant feedback and access to the course from wherever you are. You will also get personal input on your writing from the instructor.

The purpose of Smartech Education is to ensure that people's skills are enhanced in quality. By offering English Speaking courses, we allow students to understand and interact. We plan to evaluate and make students rational so that they stand out better at any stage in their lives, whether personal or professional. We study a broad subject first and then transfer it on to the students. Trainers possess considerable knowledge and observe the modules very clearly. To produce trainees at an affordable price, Smartech Education has produced a specialized English-Speaking Course. We participated in each session of the Spoken English Course with the distinctive English-Speaking Lessons.

The advantage of the form or degree you have is the English language course. Enhance your communication skills with Smartech Education. Enter our Skill Development Program for the best English language classes and be an excellent speaker. Our daily training session and approach to practical learning will enable you to be a fluent English speaker.

Course Modules

1. Sentence Formation
If you are facing any problem to build a sentence, then we are ready to make you strong in sentence formation.
Regular conversation is needed for society. Our course is designed to make you fluent in daily life conversation in English.
We prepare our course in such a way, where you will have no difficulty to understand properly about the Past, Present and Future tense while using.

Join our course, here we will teach you about the best concept of voice change. You will be fluent in active and passive in both voice.
If you have any difficulty then join our basic English course. We will guide you about parts of speech to make you English perfect.
Now clear the concept of using Modal verbs. We train the students in a best way to make modal verbs concept error-free.
Are you feeling problems with your poor vocabulary? Then come to us, we will make prepare you with best vocabulary.
Want to update your quality of English writing, then we are here to help you. Our best trainers will help you about phrases.
Speaking needs great pronunciation otherwise meaning can be different. We guide our students for fluent English speaking and excellent pronunciation.
Role play doesn’t need to us words but says a lot. We prepare everyone for the best role play, come and join today.
Both the skills are important. Lets join us, we provide the coaching for developing the learning and writing skills.
Both the skills are important. Lets join us, we provide the coaching for developing the learning and writing skills.
Imagination has a great role behind it. Lets come to us, because we help you to imagine about a situation, that will create a story.
Short talks is a skill. We teach our students how to express your speech in a shortest way. The best way to learning is here.
Reading any news is a talent and needs practice. We teach our students, how to read various types of news publicly.
Anchoring holds the audience. We build the anchoring talents by our unique course modules for the future.
No one is perfect, so imperfection is everywhere. We train about how to deal with imperfection and make it perfect apparently.
Are you feeling problems with your normal vocabulary? Then come to us, we will make prepare you with our advanced vocabulary module.
Accent changes the situation. We always teach our students about the importance of accent. So, learn now.
It needs different voice modulation. We help you to learn about the voice modulation, audience handling by our story telling module.
It is vital to get a job also. We train our students for group discussions and how to control the entire session.
It is an important part of corporate. We designed our modules for the corporates to be an essential part of the company.
Personality is required everywhere. So, join our course where we teach how to maintain your personality, your presence before everyone.
Talking in an emergency with clear accent is important. That’s why, we build our module with tongue twisters, that helps you to clear and accent and to increase the speed.
Debate is always required to prove your view. We help to learn the basics of debates and guide for not to make it a quarrel.
For every steps you will face interview. So, we prepare our students with this modules, where stress, time management and expression is being taught.
How will you handle any dynamic situation which is changing every moment. Lets join us, we will teach you the tricks for handling the dynamic events.
Not always you will get time to speak. That’s why, we teach the details of extempore to start speaking within a moment about any topic.
  • Self Introduction
  • Personality Development
  • Basic Interview Questions
  • Fresher - Mock Interview
  • Experience - Mock Interview
  • PSU / UPSC / MBA & other Interviews
Duration :- 1 Month
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English Speaking Course

A perfect spot for learning spoken English. From beginner to advanced level, Smartech provides the spoken English course at affordable price & with excellent content.

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